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After a fire, there will undoubtedly be a mess of smoke damage and soot left behind. While many property owners feel the temptation to attempt DIY smoke damage cleaning, ACC Restoration knows that this is a big mistake! You could make matters worse, which is why it is important to call a smoke damage cleaning company for help. We offer professional smoke damage cleaning, smoke soot cleanup, and smoke deodorization, and smoke odor removal. 

Trust our crew to find and eliminate smoke damage that is hidden behind other structures or fixtures, such as cabinets, air vents, and outlets. We ensure that the smoke soot cleanup is performed with the proper methods and technologies for the type of smoke damage affecting your property. We continue the process until all traces of smoke odor and soot are removed from the premises. Contact ACC Restoration for quick and effective smoke damage cleaning services today!

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Smoke Damage Cleaning & Deodorization Process

When you call ACC Restoration , the first thing we do is send one of our smoke damage experts to conduct a thorough inspection of the damage and will identify what type of smoke residue is left behind from the fire.  Depending on the types of materials that burned in the fire, there will be different types of residue left behind. Each residue requires a unique cleaning method to efficiently and completely remove the stains and the associated odors.

Because it’s not as obviously destructive as fire damage, smoke damage often gets overlooked as a job for professionals. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case, and because of the nature of smoke, it becomes nearly impossible to adequately clean the affected areas without professional equipment.

ACC uses advanced techniques to remove all of the lingering residues and stains in your home or business. Depending on the smoke type, some combination of wet, dry, abrasive, immersion and foam cleaning methods will be used.

Fires can cause quite a bit of obvious damage, but while the smoke damage can be less visually noticeable, it can also be equally difficult to remove. The odor left behind can be staggering, and often times creates an uninhabitable living or business space.  Absorptive materials like carpet, dry wall, ceiling panels, duct work, clothing, and more will all require deodorization before the property can be deemed habitable.

Just like our cleanup service, in order to effectively deodorize your property, we will use a varied combination of advanced deodorization techniques. We have the professional equipment needed to completely remove the lingering odors in your home or business.

Based on the amount of irreparable materials we found in our inspection, along with whatever we needed to remove during our cleaning, some restoration and reconstruction will be needed. ACC Restoration provides all the necessary services to restore your home or business to like-new condition. Just like our other restoration services, we pride ourselves on our collaborative work with your insurance company taking the drama and confusion out of this process and making sure you receive the coverage you deserve.

Types Of Smoke Damage

Dry Smoke

Dry smoke is the easiest type of smoke damage to remediate. Fueled by wood or paper products, dry smoke is created from a fast burning fire and will leave behind a powdery, dry residue. We consider this reside to be the easiest to clean because it can simply be wiped away from the surface. The odor penetration is still present and advanced techniques will still be needed to completely remove the odor.

Wet Smoke

Wet smoke is the result of synthetic materials like plastic, rubber, as well as certain fabrics and fibers. These fires burn at a relatively low-heat, often just smoldering fires, and most commonly produce thick, black smoke with an obnoxious odor. As the name suggests, wet smoke leaves behind a sticky residue which is difficult to clean. Professional equipment is needed to effectively clean wet smoke.

Oily Smoke

When a fire starts with or contains any fuel or oil, the result is what we call 'oily smoke'. While this isn't the most common type of damage we see in home and business fires, this category of smoke creates a very strong odor. The odor can be so strong that the smoke exposure alone can cause irreparable damage to absorbent materials and will necessitate professional cleanup and deodorization.

Advanced Smoke Deodorization

At ACC Restoration, we will utilize a handful of advanced techniques to deodorize your property. It would be nice if a simple cleaning followed by some deodorizing spray would do the job, but unfortunately the odor left behind by smoke damage is much more difficult to remove. Using professional-grade equipment is usually the only way to adequately eliminate all the residual odors from the smoke damage.

Our most effective deodorization techniques include thermal fogging, misting, hydroxyl radicals, ozone machines, air scrubbers, air movers, and dehumidifiers. Every technique we use at ACC is selected with the safety of you, your family, pets, and clients in mind.

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