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New Bern NC Water Restoration Services

Water damage New Bern NC should not be ignored, as it is a serious matter. There are certain cases where you can simply wipe or soak up some of the water, but in the majority of big losses, if water damage has occurred, you will need to call up a professional water restoration company.

ACC Restoration works day and night, so whenever you notice water damage on your New Bern property, call us first thing. Our 24/7 response ensures we can arrive to your home quickly and prevent any further secondary damages or mold growth.

You can count on our team of highly experienced professional technicians to restore your space to its previous state. Contact us today to begin the water restoration process.

Common Causes of Water Damage New Bern

Water damage comes from all kinds of different sources, and as a property owner, it is best to know all the possible common causes of water damage. Even the simplest of the common causes of water damage can wreak havoc on your New Bern NC home or business. That is why it is important to not ignore water damage New Bern, and to contact your locally trusted water restoration experts at ACC Restoration. We have extensive experience handling all kinds of causes of water damage, including, but not limited to:

Appliance Leaks

Storm Damage

Busted Pipes

Toilet Overflow

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New Bern NC Water Extraction Company

When your home suffers water damage, fast water extraction is the best way to prevent further damage on your property. A water removal company like ACC Restoration responds 24/7 with top-of-the-line industrial water extraction equipment to eliminate every last drop of excess water.

We work 24/7/365 to ensure that your New Bern property returns to a dry state. We start the water removal process as soon as you give us a call, and we complete an onsite inspection of the damages. The ACC Restoration team gives your water damaged New Bern property the attention and care they would give to their own home.

Advanced water extraction methodologies and water removal tools assist us in locating even hidden pockets of water. Then, we remove all the water using water removal vacuums, water extraction pumps, and moisture mates. ACC Restoration leaves your New Bern property only when the last drop of water and humidity are removed.

Water extraction company New Bern

Water Damage Cleanup Process

ACC Restoration always starts the process with a detailed inspection. By first inspecting, we pinpoint the source of the water, stop the loss, and are able to generate a good plan for water extraction and clean-up.

We use truck-mounted water extraction equipment to remove standing water. Water removal timing is always different, depending on the severity of the situation. Sometimes we take a few hours and sometimes multiple days.

Water damage does a lot of secondary damage as well. Water infiltrates building materials and starts damaging the structural integrity of the material. Extended periods of exposure to water causes irreversible damage. Our team will remove all the overly saturated or damaged materials, taking special care to salvage as much as we can.

Making sure that there is no humidity left is crucial to prevent mold development. We accomplish this with the use of professional grade dehumidifiers and fans to return humidity and moisture levels to an acceptable range. We adhere to the drying standards set forth by IICRC.

We always maintain clear and comprehensive documentation of the entire water restoration process in your New Bern property. We keep photos of the damaged items, and of all the work done. This sort of documentation expedites your claim and helps in receiving the compensation to which you are entitled.

ACC takes care of your water damage restoration job from the start to finish. Water damage repairs complete the process to return your home to a functional, useful state.

Water damage homeowners insurance

Is Water Damage Covered By Homeowner's Insurance?

ACC Restoration Services keeps all the documentation and photos to help your insurance claim. We handle the insurance company to help you return to normal life. Our clients receive favorable and fair coverage, utilizing our working relationships with insurance adjusters. We will always coordinate directly with your adjuster to come to an agreed upon value and scope of work.

The most critical aspect of ensuring good insurance overage is a fast response. That means that as soon as you find water damage, you have to contact your local, trusted professional water restoration company. Delaying the restoration process may be grounds for your claim to be denied.

Do You Have Flood Damage?

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Flood Restoration

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Even though every disaster poses its own unique complications, one thing is always critical: Time. ACC Restoration always provides you with a quick and accurate estimate.

Water Cleanup

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The moment you find water damage in your New Bern home or business, call ACC Restoration to provide you with a FREE inspection. Our water damage experts will be there ASAP.

Fire Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration

ACC Restoration has years of experience to restore all water damage. We provide comprehensive service from water extraction to water damage repairs. Count on us to complete all necessary water damage repairs.