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When a water-related disaster causes damage to your Kinston home or business, it is vital that you react quickly. Water, when exposed to your property, will cause damage quickly and that damage will continue to worsen every moment the water remains. The only way to stop this water damage from continuing to impact your property is to remove it and restore your home or business to a dry state as quickly as possible. 

ACC Restoration is a highly experienced water restoration company for water removal, water damage cleanup, and water damage repairs. We offer quality restoration services in Kinston NC. Act quickly and call us now to restore your property and to save you from significant secondary damages.

Common Causes of Water Damage Kinston

Water is caused by a long list of various sources. It can happen as a consequence of faulty pipes, rusty water heaters, and loose-fitting of household appliances to major storms. Knowing the cause of the water damage can help you in preventing damages and mitigating them should they arise. The most common causes of water damage that we come across in Kinston include, but are not limited to:

Appliance Leaks

Storm Damage

Indoor Flooding

Busted Pipes

Toilet Overflow

Do You Have Flood Damage?

Kinston NC Water Extraction

In the event of water damage, fast water extraction services are the best way to completely rid of moisture in the property. A water removal company like ACC Restoration responds 24/7 with water extraction equipment in tow to eliminate every last drop of moisture.

Whether you have standing water on your property due to flood damage, or some other type of water damage, the result is the same. These situations require a professional water removal company to perform water extraction services as soon as possible. 

ACC Cleaning & Restoration responds 24/7 365 days a year for emergency water extraction and water removal services.

Water Extraction Kinston NC

Water Restoration Process

Our first step when we get your phone call is to dispatch a water damage professional to inspect your property for water damage. They will determine the source of the damage as well as provide you with a detailed time and cost estimate. 

Once we’ve agreed on a restoration plan, our team will begin working to remove the water from within your Kinston NC home or business. We utilize truck-mounted water extraction equipment to remove standing water. Water extraction may last anywhere from a few hours to multiple days, depending on the severity of the situation.

Water damage to materials is almost unavoidable in most cases. We always aim to salvage as much as possible, but our team of experts is always on the look out for permanently damaged materials. Our team will strategically remove those materials and prepare the area for repair.

After the water has been extracted and the damaged materials have been removed, there is still water that is trapped in the building materials of your property. This moisture will lead to further damages and even mold and rot if left unaddressed, so our team will use industrial dehumidifiers and air blowers to drop the moisture level, and return your property to it’s naturally dry and safe state.

A key step in ensuring that your claim is fulfilled. Your insurance claim is only as good as the documentation to back it up. We always maintain thorough pictures and documentation during the entire restoration process. This expedites your claim and helps in receiving the compensation to which you are entitled. 

As a registered general contractor, ACC Restoration is capable of completing all water damage repairs that are necessary to restore your property to its original state. It does not matter if it is small or big, you can count on ACC.  

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Home Insurance Coverage Kinston

Is Water Damage Covered By Homeowner's Insurance?

The majority of basic home insurances cover water damage unless it is a consequence of flooding.  To get your coverage you need to keep detailed documentation complete with photos of the entire process.

ACC Restoration Services handles your insurance company so that you can return to normal life. We help our clients receive favorable and fair coverage, utilizing our working relationships with insurance adjusters. We coordinate directly with your adjuster to come to an agreed-upon value and scope of work.

Why Choose ACC Restoration

Flood Restoration

Quick Estimates

With every disaster having its unique problems it is essential to get to the restoration quickly. ACC Restoration has the experience to provide you with a quick and accurate estimate. 

Water Cleanup

Comprehensive Inspection

Not only is our inspection completely FREE, but it is also detailed. We will provide you with a full time and cost estimate, as well as determine the source of the damages.

Fire Restoration Services

Experienced In Water Damage Restoration

Our crew is highly experienced, licensed, and certified in water damage restoration. We complete all of the repairs needed as a result of the water damage you’ve experienced.