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Jacksonville NC Water Restoration Services

Water damage Jacksonville NC necessitates a fast and efficient response. Calling a professional water restoration company in Jacksonville NC is your best bet for salvaging your property and belongings. 

ACC Restoration dispatches and expert to your location immediately to prevent secondary damages that can negatively impact your space. We are highly experienced in water damage Jacksonville NC. Count on our crew to dry and dehumidify the space, freeing trapped water from building materials to prevent structural instability and rotting. Our industry-leading tools and equipment help us accomplish water removal, water damage cleanup, water restoration, and water damage repairs. 

Common Causes of Water Damage Jacksonville

You likely already have an idea about what water damage Jacksonville might look like. In truth though, there are ample common causes of water damage with which you’ll need to familiarize yourself with in order to prevent them.  Failing to acknowledge the common causes of water damage Jacksonville leaves your home or business vulnerable.  There are several common causes of water damage Jacksonville that will wreak havoc if you don’t know how to respond. As an experienced Jacksonville NC water restoration company, ACC Restoration has extensive experience handling any and all causes of water damage, including, but not limited to:

Appliance Leaks

Storm Damage

Busted Pipes

Toilet Overflow

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Water Removal Services in Jacksonville

Understanding the common causes of water damage Jacksonville NC is only half of the battle. In actuality, water damage Jacksonville will require a swift reaction if you expect to have any chance of salvaging the premises. For this reason, ACC Restoration offers water removal services that minimize secondary damages and contain moisture. We have the ability to respond 24/7 with the proper water extraction equipment in tow.

Upon receiving your call, we spring into action to get the water removal process started, giving special attention to your home or business and its unique needs.  Advanced water removal methodologies locate hidden water, which we then eliminate by way of water removal vacuums, water extraction pumps, and moisture mats. ACC Restoration leaves your home or business completely dry and dehumidified.

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Water Damage Restoration Process

ACC Restoration is your trusted source for professional water damage Jacksonville. Our technician will conduct an inspection to identify the source of water, stop it, and then develop a plan for water extraction and cleanup. 

Truck-mounted extraction equipment and water removal mats use capillary action to remove standing water in your home or business. Water extraction may last anywhere from a few hours to multiple days, depending on the severity of the situation.

If certain building materials are exposed to water, damage will result. Continued exposure creates lasting damages that will be irreparable if left to sit. Our team removes all the overly saturated or damaged materials, salvaging as much we can.

The drying process is completed with professional grade dehumidifiers and fans that return humidity and moisture levels back to their original state, based off each material’s dry standard. ACC Restoration adheres to the drying standards set forth by the IICRC.

We maintain clear and comprehensive documentation of the entire water restoration Jacksonville process, including pictures of damaged items and corresponding work. This expedites approval of your insurance claim. 

ACC takes care of your water damage restoration job from start to finish, including water damage repairs.  This keeps the insurance documentation succinct and ensures that the job gets done right the first time.

Categories Of Water Damage Jacksonville

CAT 1 - Clean Water

Category 1 water damage comes from sanitary sources such as a burst pipe and is not a threat if quickly mitigated. However, left to sit, Category 1 water can change to Category to 2 or Category 3.

CAT 2 - Grey Water

Category 2 water is the result of grey water sources such as toilet bowls with urine (no feces), sump pump failures, and dishwashers or washing machines. Category 2 water can cause discomfort or illness if occupants are exposed.

CAT 3 - Black or Toxic Water

Category 3 water is highly contaminated with pathogenic, toxigenic, or other harmful agents. Sewage, toilet backflows, and flooding will be considered CAT 3, requiring the highest level of professional cleanup.

Do You Have Flood Damage?

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Is Water Damage Covered By Homeowner's Insurance?

ACC Restoration Services handles your insurance company so that you can focus on other things – like getting back to normal life. We have a proven track-record of  getting our clients favorable and fair coverage. In fact, in many cases, we have established working relationships with insurance adjusters, providing us a direct line of access. We work directly with your adjuster to come to an agreed upon value and scope of work.

The most critical aspect of ensuring good insurance coverage is a fast response. This means that as soon as you find water damage, you will need to call a professional water restoration company. Negligence and delays may be grounds for denial of your claim. 

Choose ACC Restoration for Water Damage Jacksonville NC

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Quick Estimates

Every disaster poses its own unique complications, but time is always a factor. ACC Restoration has the experience to provide you with a quick and accurate estimate. 

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Comprehensive Inspection

If you’ve found water damage in your home or business, call ACC Restoration to have us send one of our water damage experts to your property for a FREE inspection.  

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Water Damage Restoration

ACC Restoration has the knowledge and experience to restore all water damage. We complete all of the repairs needed as a result of the water damage you’ve experienced.