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When you think about flooding, the rising waters may be your main concern. However, flood waters are often highly contaminated and can causes illness upon exposure. For this reason, it is necessary to find a professional flood damage company you can trust to provide quick and effective flood damage cleanup and flood restoration services.  ACC Restoration is your comprehensive flood cleanup services provider, responding 24/7 when you are in need.

Our crew understands the intricacies of flood damage, from providing flood water extraction to flood damage cleanup, flood damage restoration, and flood damage repairs. Call us any time your home or business is affected by flood damage. We work on your behalf!

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Flood Damage Cleanup & Restoration Process

Contact ACC Restoration immediately following a flood, day or night. Our team of flood restoration professionals are available for emergency flood restoration 24 hours a day, ensuring you are taken care of when you need it the most. The first thing we’ll do is conduct an extensive inspection of your property to provide a complete view of the damage done and any health risks that may still remain as a result of the flood. Our main priority in this step is to ensure your safety and identify steps we need to take to minimize any further damage from being done to your property.

After a thorough inspection, we will immediately begin extracting any standing water from your property using our water extraction equipment. Since this is the most important step in terms of minimizing further damage, we will run our equipment 24 hours a day until all the water has been removed. ACC Restoration knows just how important immediate attention to water damage is. A fast response time can drastically reduce the damage your property experiences and the cost of restoration.

The severity of damage from flooding can vary greatly, but we will offer the same level of professional service no matter the scale. Every item and material that has been saturated or damaged from the flood will be removed from your property in order to improve our ability to effectively stop the growth of hazardous molds. 

Once all the floodwater has been extracted and all the damaged materials have been removed, we will begin the drying process. Our team will position our professional-grade drying equipment throughout your property, running them 24/7 to minimize the onset of mold growth. The ACC Restoration flood damage restoration team will collect the dry standard of each material that was impacted by floodwater. We use our findings to determine a timeline of when the home will be dried.

Flood damage can be extremely dangerous since the quality of the water can pose a number of health risks. Depending on where the flood originated, the water may carry harmful contaminants, and any type of flood can lead to mold and mildew buildup. ACC Restoration will clean and sanitize anything and everything within your home that came into contact with the flood water.

One of the reasons it’s so important that you call a restoration professional in the aftermath of a flood is that we will keep proper documentation, which is imperative for ensuring fair insurance coverage. ACC Restoration will document the entire process, taking photos of the progress, and recording damaged items so you are properly covered by insurance.

Inevitably items and materials will have been damaged in the disaster. Anything that couldn’t be dried in place will need to be replaced or repaired. ACC Restoration is a turnkey restoration company that will work with you every step of the way to repair and remodel your home or business, getting it back to normal as soon as possible.

Choosing The Right Flood Restoration Company

Unexpected flooding caused by mother nature or by broken pipes can destroy more than just carpets and floors, and pipe leaks and septic backup or failure can lead to dangerous and costly problems for home and business owners. Make sure you make a smart move by calling licensed and certified professionals that can give you quality customer service, as well as professional level cleanup services. We offer Flood Damage Restoration in Greenville to help you recover faster from disaster.

Working with ACC Restoration, you’ll receive:

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We Work With Your Insurance

One of the great benefits of working with ACC Restoration, is that we will make dealing with your insurance company a breeze. Since 1996 we have been working with, and establishing, great relationships with a long list of insurance providers. From our wealth of experience, we know what they need, what they look for, and what they want to see in order to get you the fair coverage you deserve.

Throughout the entire cleanup and restoration process, we pride ourselves on keeping an open line of communication for all parties. We take documentation and accurate assessment seriously, and know that while insurance can be a headache, it doesn’t need to be.

Flood Restoration

Quick Estimates

Every disaster poses its own unique complications, but time is always a factor. ACC Restoration has the experience to provide you with a quick and accurate estimate. 

Emergency Response Restoration Company

Emergency Flood Response

If you’ve experienced flood damage to your property, call ACC Restoration immediately. Our emergency restoration team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Fire Damage Restoration

Professional Equipment

You won’t find a restoration company with more advanced equipment than ACC. We offer your property the best chance at minimizing your total flood damage.