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A fire in your home or business is devastating. From the memories of the fire to the destroyed belongings and structure, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. ACC Restoration helps you during your time of need by offering 24/7 fire restoration services in Greenville NC and surrounding areas. We act fast to help you stabilize your property, minimize secondary damages, and get back to normal life sooner.

Our trusted fire damage restoration services technicians arrive on-scene shortly after your call. We provide emergency fire board up, fire restoration services, fire damage cleanup, fire damage repairs, and smoke damage cleaning to make your property safe and habitable again. Contact us today to begin fire restoration services.

Types of Fire Damage

Fire Damage

Fire has the potential to be severely devastation, and it can lead to enormous loss. It has the ability to burn your appliances, destroy your belongings and leave you needing ACC Restoration.

Heat Damage

Fire can damage materials that it never comes in direct contact with. The heat alone can scorch fabrics, distort building materials, even melt asphalt shingles. This damage can range from mild to extensive.

Smoke Damage

Because of the contents in our homes and businesses, fires burn a variety of materials resulting in smoke that can cause significant damage. Without the proper techniques, DIY smoke damage cleaning makes matters worse.

Fire Damage Restoration Is Just A Phone Call Away

emergency fire board up

Emergency Fire Board Up

After a fire, there will likely be several exposed entry and access points. To secure these vulnerabilities, you should seek immediate emergency fire board up services. Our professional fire boardup services protect the property from animals, vandals, and the elements. Avoiding these secondary damages minimizes your stress, expenses, and restoration timeline. 

Contact ACC Restoration for fast and effective fire board up. We respond 23/7/365 to assist you through this difficult time. As soon as the fire marshal has cleared the premises for entry, we get to work on emergency fire board up. Our crew is trained to provide your property with an extra layer of security, without damaging or defacing the exterior surfaces. We handle your fire board up with the same care and compassion that we would hope to receive.

Fire Damage Repair & Rebuilding Process

In the act of extinguishing a fire, often times your property will be left with large quantities of standing water for you to clean up. ACC Restoration will respond quickly to minimize the potential for excess water damage, and to prevent the opportunity for mold to begin developing within your property. Using our portable water extraction equipment we will remove any standing water in your home or business, quickly followed by removing all saturated or water damaged materials, and proceed to thoroughly dry the area up to regulation standards.

Fires are destructive, both in their burning and in their extinguishing. Often times as a result of this destruction, your property will be left unprotected. Whether that is due to a portion of your roof that was compromised from the fire, or broken windows from the firemen’s attempt to smother it, boarding up your property is one of the first steps we take. ACC offers this service 24 hours a day to make sure that your property is safe and secure from the elements, be that nature or vandals.

Fires are destructive, but they also cause a considerable mess. The fire damages every material it touches, and a mixture of soot and ash fly through the air, covering every surface and filling every crack and crevice. To help identify the damage and to what extent different materials and pieces of property have been damaged, we will cautiously remove, clean, deodorize, and store any affected items and materials, ensuring that working with your insurance company is straightforward and concise.

Fires leave behind an overwhelming smokey odor that penetrates every material in your home or business, from carpets to furniture, drywall and cabinetry. This be an annoying, even traumatizing reminder of the disaster, but it also tells you that there is still ash remaining inside your home or business. ACC Restoration’s team of certified professionals will administer advanced techniques using professional-grade equipment to carefully clean up and deodorize your property in a timely manner.

ACC Restoration completes any job from start to finish. Whether it’s rebuilding your upstairs plumbing, or helping you remodel your kitchen, ACC Restoration will ensure that all the work is completed up to code and we’ll assist you in getting fair and comprehensive coverage from your insurance company. We take care of all the repairs, so you can focus on getting back to life as normal.

Smoke Damage Cleaning

Smoke damage penetrates the least expected areas, including behind cabinets, vanities, and wall outlets. This is in addition to the layer of smoke soot and ash that cover all visible surfaces. To make matters worse, there are several types of smoke damage that each require specialized tools and methods to remove.

Fortunately, ACC Restoration provides efficient smoke damage cleaning, smoke soot cleanup, smoke odor removal, and smoke deodorization services.  We carefully eradicate smoke damage so that you can return to your space sooner and breathe easily. By the time we finish, all triggering odors will be eliminated and surfaces restored. We have the expertise needed to leave your property in pristine condition.

smoke soot cleaning
Fire Damage Restoration

Your Local Fire Restoration Company

Following a fire, immediate action is necessary to minimize the likelihood of experiencing permanent damage from smoke and water. Standing water causes damage every second that it’s left in contact with your property. Lingering smoke and soot particles, left behind from the fire, are extremely acidic and can eat into every surface in your home or business, including glass windows and cabinets. If not taken care of and cleaned immediately, smoke and soot can permanently destroy glass, making it unusable.

Reacting immediately to smoke and fire damage can greatly reduce the cost of restoration and decrease the likeliness of long-term damage. ACC Restoration offers a complete spectrum of water, smoke and fire damage remediation services ensuring that you can get back to your normal life as soon, and as pain free, as possible.

Flood Restoration

Quick Estimates

Every disaster poses its own unique complications, but time is always a factor. ACC Restoration has the experience to provide you with a quick and accurate estimate. 

Emergency Fire Board Up

Emergency Fire Board Up

ACC Restoration offers emergency fire board up services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Ensuring that your property is secure no matter when a disaster strikes. 

Restoration Services

Rebuilding & Remodeling

As a comprehensive fire restoration company, ACC Restoration is able to professionally complete all of your cleaning and restoration needs from start to finish.

Are You Dealing With Lingering Smoke Damage?