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Emergency Fire Board Up
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When your property is damaged in a fire related disaster, often times there will be parts of your home or business that are left exposed to the environment. These exposures, be it a broken door or window, or a burned section of wall or roof, can leave your property vulnerable to further damages. To protect your property from weather damage, animal invasion, and vandalism, it’s important that you contact a restoration company that can provide you with emergency fire board up and tarping services.

At ACC, we will respond immediately to your fire related disaster, offering fire board up and comprehensive fire damage restoration services.

Emergency Fire Board Up & Tarping

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Types of Fire Damage

Fire related disasters will leave you with several types of damage that will need to be addressed in order to minimize damage and fully restore your property to its pre-loss condition. When searching for a restoration company to help you recover from the fire damage, it’s important that you find and work with a company that has experience dealing with all facets of fire damage restoration or you may be left searching for more contractors to finish the job. At ACC we handle every step of the fire damage restoration and fire board up process, including address these types of fire damage:

Water Damage

It can take thousands of gallons of water for firefighters to extinguish your fire. Because water damage causes damage immediately, this water will need to be removed and the damages will need to be addressed before anything else.

Fire Damage

Obviously, with fires come fire damage, but fire damage is possibly the most labor intensive to clean up and restore. Between structural damage, exposed property, and burnt or damage materials, specialized equipment and experience is key.

Smoke Damage

Smoke and soot damage is much more serious than you would think. Smoke carries soot and odors to every corner of your property, moving through your ducting to areas untouched by the fire damage, requiring significant effort to clean.

The Fire Boardup Process

When you call ACC after your property has been damaged by a fire related disaster, our team will respond immediately, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As soon as you call, we will send a trained and certified fire damage technician to your property provide a free fire damage inspection. In addition to noting which areas will require board up and tarping, our technician will collect all of the information needed to build out a restoration plan complete with cost and timeline estimates.

By following the most recently approved guidelines for fire board up and tarping, our team of fire damage technicians are able to protect your property from any further damage. This will provide safety and security for your property throughout the entire restoration process.

Fire Restoration Company

At ACC Cleaning & Restoration we offer industry leading fire damage restoration services. When your property is damaged by fire, what you do in the first 24 hours can dictate, in a large way, the extent of the damage and consequentially the cost and timeline of the restoration project. When you pair our emergency response services with our extensive experience in the industry, our ability to minimize damage and restore your property in short order is truly unmatched in the area.

Give ACC a call today to schedule your free fire damage inspection or receive any of our offered emergency fire damage restoration services.

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Why Choose ACC For Fire Board Up Services

Quick Estimates

Every disaster poses its own unique complications, but time is always a factor. ACC Restoration has the experience to provide you with a quick and accurate estimate. 

24/7 Emergency Response

ACC Restoration offers emergency fire board up services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Ensuring that your property is secure no matter when a disaster strikes. 

Restoration Services

Rebuilding & Remodeling

As a licensed general contractor, ACC Restoration is able to professionally complete all of your cleaning and restoration needs from start to finish.