How Fire Damage Leads To Water Damage

fire damage greenville, fire damage cleanup greenvilleWhen you have a fire in your home and you are out on the sidewalk watching the firefighters do their job, you probably have a million things running through your mind. One thing that you probably aren’t thinking about, however, is how much water damage you are going to have after the flames are extinguished. In fact, most people are surprised when they realize that water damage is just as serious if not more serious than the fire damage is. Luckily ACC Cleaning in Greenville covers water damage and fire damage. Here are some ways that fire damage can lead to water damage. 


It is obvious when you think about it, that when firefighters put out a flame they use a retardant that is moisture based, so of course, there would be a lot of moisture getting into your home. Your walls, floors, and ceilings could be covered and saturated with water and will have to sit for a long period of time until the fire marshall can clear you for access to your home. This could take anywhere from a few minutes to days depending on the damage. The longer the fire damage is allowed to sit untended to, the longer the acid in the soot will eat away at the surfaces of furniture and floors. This will leave all surfaces extra vulnerable to the water saturating the surface. This is why it is vitally important that you call a restoration company right away after you have any kind of fire or water damage. 


Many times, if the fire is big enough, firefighters will ax a hole through the roof to allow some ventilation. This will leave your home open to the elements, so if you don’t put a tarp down quickly or have a restoration team on the property immediately, you could have extra rainwater coming into your home. This can be very frustrating since you could be getting water damage into areas of your home that were previously untouched by the fire damage. 

Foundation And Beams

Some foundations, especially in older homes will have wooden posts and beams in the basement crawl space. These beams can be very sturdy and work well as part of the foundation, but if they are left exposed to the moisture from the extinguishers or rainwater, they can start to rot. Any time you have a foundation issue, it can be a big expense to repair, so make sure you have your fire damage restoration professionals take a look under the house. If they find a problem early enough, the damage won’t be as extensive as if you wait. 

Fire damage and water damage seem to go hand in hand. So if you are dealing with fire damage, make sure you find a restoration company like ACC Cleaning in Greenville that knows how to deal with both. Don’t hesitate to call your restoration company at any hour of the day or night; they always have an emergency line available. 

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