Water Damage Sources In Your Kitchen

water damage cleanup greenville, water damage greenvilleYour kitchen should be a place where delicious foods are cooked and memorable meals are shared together with family and friends. It should not be flooded mess of water damageUnfortunately, however, kitchens are one of the most common sources of water damage for many homeowners. To keep your kitchen looking pristine and water damage free it’s important to understand the area of your kitchen most likely to cause water damage. Thus, we’ve included below three of those common sources. We hope it never comes to it, but if you do suffer from water damage in your home the pros at ACC Cleaning in the Greenville area are ready to response, day or night, for any water damage cleanup emergencies.


For many people, it’s more common that their dishwasher is broken than it is working. Dishwashers can be particularly difficult to work with at times. Because of this, and the amount of water that runs through dishwashers, they can become prime sources for water damage. A water damage issue stemming from your dishwasher won’t cause a serious flood in your home, but it can cause water to get caught under the floorboards and still cause serious problems.


The difficult part of water damage from a fridge is that it is often very difficult to spot where the leaking is coming from. This is due to the fact that water supply lines are hidden between the back and the refrigerator itself. As a result, issues usually aren’t detected until water has begun to pool on the floor. This means that water damage could be occurring without you even noticing it. One way to prevent this is to cut wood stopping blocks to use behind your fridge. Since most connectors and hoses are located in the rear of the fridge, extensive movement can crush delicate pipelines. If a hose crimps, it can accumulate microscopic holes. Simply place wooden blocks behind your fridge to prevent sliding. They should be just longer than the length of the water line. You can also install a water alarm. Water alarms are small water-detecting sensors that will alert you if excess moisture begins pooling near it.


The seemingly complicated network of pipes and lines under the sink may look overwhelming, but the practice of keeping everything in good working order is simple. You can do this by paying attention to your water pressure. Decreased pressure may mean there is a leak somewhere. You should also regularly inspect your hardware. You can do this by glancing under the sink every so often to check for deterioration. It only takes a couple minutes to do this, and it is easily worth the investment of time.

Your kitchen should always be able to remain a place of great food and fond memories. Don’t let water damage and flooding ruin any of that for you. If you do find any water damage or flooding, however, don’t let the problem grow any worse than it already has. Contact the pros at ACC Cleaning in Greenville to get things restored to even better than they were before!

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