Four Common Mold Myths

mold removal greenville, mold cleanup greenvilleMold is a pervasive issue for many home and business owners. It is notorious for manifesting itself in all the nooks and crannies of homes. However, it also not well understood by many people. There are several mold myths believed by many people. These myths have led to many misconceptions about mold cleanup and the dangers posed by mold. Below are you common mold myths. Knowing these will help you avoid the misconceptions believed by many people. However, no matter the accuracy of your beliefs about mold, it is critical that you contact a professional cleaning and restoration to aid you in all your mold removal needs. ACC Restoration in the Greenville area is one such company.

All Toxic Mold Is Highly Dangerous

The term “toxic mold” can be highly misleading at times. Just because mold is labeled as “toxic” doesn’t necessarily mean it is fatal or even that dangerous. Only certain mold spores are dangerous at all, and even at that, they are only dangerous under certain circumstances. When you hear the term “toxic mold” you shouldn’t take the phrase at face value. Always research the type of mold that is being discussed on your own before buying into what other people are saying about it.

Bleach Kills All Types Of Mold

A common DIY approach to mold removal is killing the mold with bleach. The majority of the time this is an effective method for mold removal. However, it does not by any means kill all types of mold. Bleach is most effective for mold removal when the mold is growing on a non-porous material. On porous surfaces, bleach is a much less reliable means of mold removal.

Only A Little Mold Doesn’t Pose A Serious Problem

This is one of the most important misconceptions to avoid. Bleach is like an iceberg. The portion that is visible is only a tiny part of the mold that is actually there. If you have mold to the point that you can visibly see it, you most likely have a lot more hidden back behind the walls of your home. At this point, you’ll want to take action immediately by hiring a professional and getting that mold removed.

Mold Cleanup Is A Simple DIY Project

Attempting mold cleanup on your own can be a risky endeavor. Household remedies will be able to dispel certain types of mold in small quantities, but most people are not fully equipped to go through the full mold remediation process. That process includes identifying the source of the mold, isolating it to prevent any more spreading, and then cleaning or removing the affected areas. Unless you have the know-how to set up a containment unit, have HEPA vacuums, specialized cleaning agents, and know how to perform a wet extraction to prevent further growth in the mold, it is best that you call a professional restoration company.

Now that you know the truth of all these common mold myths, you are in much better shape than most. However, knowing the truth about the difficulty of mold cleanup also shows the importance of hiring a certified mold restoration and removal company rather than attempting a DIY project. Fortunately, the help you need is only a call away. If you live near the Greenville area, don’t hesitate to call the mold removal experts at ACC Restoration.

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