An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth A Pound of Cure

water damage cleanup greenville, water damage greenvilleSo many times, water damage is a result of a storm or a flood– it’s just bad luck. However, prevention and proper home maintenance can protect you and your property from devastating water damage. Here are a few areas when an ounce of prevention is a great investment:

Roof Leakage

By the time roof leakage finally drips through the ceiling down into living spaces, extensive attic water damage is inevitable. Chronic roof leakage will ruin insulation, damage wooden supports and encourage mold. So, several of times a year, climb into the attic and inspect for leaks. Look for evidence of previous water intrusion such as dark streaks on sub-roofing, rotting wood structures, deteriorated insulation and the telltale musty odor of mold contamination. Your HVAC system can pose an additional threat since it holds such large quantities of water. If the unit is located on the roof when pipes become clogged or break, the water will back up and cascade from the roof and into the house.

Plumbing Issues

A dripping water supply line is a red flag; inspect lines anywhere they are visible including inside kitchen and bathroom cabinets and behind fixtures. Shine a flashlight into the crawl space and look for wet spots or dried mineral residue on pipes that indicates seepage. Pipes located in basements or installed in exterior walls can easily freeze during the winter and so they are more susceptible to break.

Household Appliances

Appliances fail due to damaged hoses and degraded gaskets. Refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers are the most likely appliances to leak. Any problem with these appliances must be addressed; replace worn parts quickly. Water heaters corrode or degrade over time. Be vigilant and have faulty parts (or the entire unit) replaced at the first sign of damage. If your hot water heater or washer is located on a second story, consider placing a pan under the appliance to catch any small spills and buy you some time.

Sewer Problems

Forgotten under your yard, the buried sewer line can be damaged by tree roots, collapsed sections and unreliable water pressure. A leak of raw sewage requires extensive professional decontamination to make the premises safe again. Prevent problems with a video inspection of the sewer line, the gold standard to check for developing problems.

When You Need A Cure

Not only does ACC Cleaning and Restoration help you maintain your home with dryer vent cleaning, they are the trustworthy partner to restore your home after water damage in Greenville. Licensed and certified professionals offer quality professional level cleanup services. We gather and analyze all relevant information to develop real strategies to solve problems instead of just treating the symptoms. ACC Cleaning is certified by The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), and Standards Developing Organization. ACC Cleaning and Restoration offers 24-hour Emergency Response service at (252) 689-8188.

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