Fire Damage Prevention

Fire Damage Greenville, Fire and Smoke Damage Greenville, Smoke Damage GreenvilleWhen a fire breaks out in your Greenville home you have more than just the flames to deal with. Aside from the damage that the flames cause there will also be smoke, soot, and water damage depending on what method was used to put the fire out. The damage smoke and soot cause cannot be seen easily as the damage from the flames. Smoke is caustic and will continue to cause damage long after the fire has been put out if it isn’t properly mitigated. Mitigating, or removing smoke residue is easier said than done and should be a task you leave to a professional fire and smoke damage cleanup company. Keep in mind that time is of the essence and contacting a professional team right away can go a long way in preventing additional damage, saving you money in the long run.

What if a fire hasn’t broken out in your home yet? What can you do to reduce the risk of fire and smoke damage in your home?

  1. Maintain the area outside of your home. Make sure that there is no debris or flammable objects near the building or in the lawn. Maintain vegetation by removing any dead branches or limbs. Clean up dried leaves from the roof and gutters twice a year, spring and fall are good times for regular cleanings. It only takes a spark to ignite dry debris collecting on roofs and in rain gutters.
  2. Routine cleaning of fireplaces, pellet stoves and chimney’s is a must. You should clean these items regularly, removing any blockages or buildup of creosote and reducing the chance of a chimney fire. You can perform these tasks yourself with a long wire-bristled brush or you can call a chimney sweep.
  3. Never overload an extension cord, it is best not to use an extension cord unless it’s absolutely necessary. Never run the extension cord under a rug or carpeting, heat can build up and start a fire. Make sure there is not furniture legs or heavy items sitting on extension cords. This can cause the cord to kink and build up excess heat causing a fire to start.
  4. Throw away any extension cords that are frayed or have wires showing. Appliances and other electronics should also be replaced if they have damaged power cords. If replacing damaged appliance or electronics is not an option at the moment, wrap the cord in electric tape, although we highly recommend you stop using these items.
  5. When cooking food, this includes frying, grilling, and even boiling, stay in the kitchen. Make sure to set a timer to remind yourself that you are cooking if you walk away from the kitchen. You would be surprised at how easy it is to forget you have a meal in the oven or water boiling on the stove. Keep utensils, food packaging, and oven mitts away from hot stovetop burners.

The tips mentioned above are only a handful the ways you can prevent fire and smoke damage from occurring in your Greenville home. For more tips on fire safety or fire and smoke damage cleanup contact ACC Restoration in Greenville. Our expert team is standing by to help you! If you do experience a fire damage emergency, contact a professional restoration team that can help you safely clean up and restore your property.

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