Professional Water Damage Cleanup Greenville, Water Damage Cleanup Greenville, Water Damage GreenvilleDiscovering water in your basement will send any homeowner into a panic. Your mind immediately starts going one hundred miles per hour. You want to save your personal belonging, and call your insurance agent, and get your family out of the area, and call a restoration specialist. It will send anybody into a whirlwind of stress and emotions. But what if the water isn’t as visible? How do you suspect hidden water damage in order to protect your home and prevent further damage? We are here to help.

A Compromised Foundation: Your home is sturdy and able to withstand hurricanes and floods only if the foundation is intact. When the foundation is damp, it will begin to swell up and crack. This can cause a variety of issues in and of itself. It compromises the structure of your home while creating the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. It is important to inspect your foundation often. If you ever find that it has been compromised, the most important thing to remember is to act fast. Fill in the crack with epoxy if it is a new problem, but if it’s further damaged, call in a professional to help.

Uneven floors: Inspect the floor for any signs of sloping and unevenness. Should you see the floor becoming separated from the wall or any bubble looking impurities in your flooring, you might have water damage. At this point, you can try drying it out but the best option is to call in a professional, such as ACC Restoration to inspect the area and repair the damage in its entirety.

Breakages on the foundation blocks: When you inspect the exterior bricks and notice broken blocks, it means the possibility of some pressure build up and that there is water working against the foundation. The cracks on the underground slabs that are wider than the quarter of an inch, as well as step stairs cleavages, pose a serious problem. If this is happening to your home, you might have structural water damage.

Cracked moldings: The other red flags to look out for are displaced moldings. Even a fractured molding will show that your house might need repairs and further water proofing.

Wall cracks, mold on walls and bowing: You can tell that there is water damage if you locate split paneling, peeling wallpaper, large cracks, bowed ceiling, and ceiling separation. This can create a huge problem because the damage has penetrated deep in the structures of your home. However, do not panic. The pros have the proper training and equipment to fix the problem without having to tear down your walls.

Crooked doors and windows: When you cannot open your windows and doors effortlessly, it may be an indication of a shifted underground blocks that arise from water damage. You will need to find out if there are door frame separation and some sinking of the window and door frames.

Should you ever even have the smallest question of there being water damage in your home, pick up the phone and call us at ACC. We will be over in a jiffy to assess the area and take the steps of repair if there is water damage in your home.

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