5 Fascinating Facts about Mold

Mold Damage Repair Greenville, Mold Damage Greenville, Mold Removal GreenvilleAt ACC Cleaning & Restoration, we see a lot of mold. Living in the Carolinas, we deal with all the seasons and no shortage of heat and humidity which, of course, are prime conditions for mold growth. That means right now, in August, mold spores are probably loving Mother Nature.

There are a lot of facts and myths alike about mold. A couple big myths: all mold is harmful, and spraying some bleach on it will take care of the problem. Both are untrue, and calling in a Greenville-area mold remediation professional will know exactly what to do to remediate the mold and have you breathing clean air again in no time.

So … we wanted to share five things we find fascinating about mold (hey … mold is part of what we do, right?! You have to learn to appreciate it!)

  • Mold will not eat a McDonald’s Happy Meal

Have you ever seen those viral images showing a years-old fast food cheeseburger without a speck of mold? Yep, mold will eat anything from wood to concrete, but it will not touch fast food. Maybe it’s trying to teach us something.

  • Dead mole spores = as harmful as live spores

This is one of the misnomers about mold, and why many people believe applying bleach is enough to solve a mold problem. There’s actually a little history to share here, something called the Mummy’s Curse. Today, archaeologists wear respirators on digs because, in the 1920’s, a group of British archaeologists died from inhaling dead mold spores that were disturbed when they discovered King Tut’s tomb. It’s called the Mummy’s Curse because their deaths were initially simply labeled as being from unnatural causes.

  • Mold inspections should be down when buying a new home

When you’re having the home inspection done, also ask to have a mold inspection done. This type of inspection not only tests for and looks for mold within the home, it also includes looking for potential moisture issues that could cause problems or mold growth down the road.

  • Mold can have a serious impact on health

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, or CIRS, is a very real illness affecting more and more people every day. This used to be known as Sick Building Syndrome and solidifies the fact that some people are genetically predisposed to become ill when they are exposed to mold. This is an interesting fact because mold does not affect everyone the same way. A person who is sensitive to mold could experience asthma flare-ups, bronchitis, rashes, and other physical repercussions, while someone else living in the same home may have no symptoms at all. This is why it is important to pay attention to reoccurring symptoms in family members to pick up on patterns that could point toward something more amiss than a common cold.

  • Mold damage actually affects the economy

According to several studies, including one by the EPA, the presence of mold has a very real impact on the economy. The EPA study suggests of the almost 22 million people in the U.S. with asthma, about one-quarter of the cases can be blamed on the patient being exposed to mold and/or dampness at home or work.

Mold removal is not something to try to tackle on your own. Ignore the YouTube videos and call in mold remediation professionals like ACC Cleaning & Restoration who can guarantee the mold is removed and the source of the mold is also resolved.

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